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Why should I do pole fitness...

Whether you are into running, more of a gym bunny or prefer a class environment, the repetition of most workouts can lead you to feel bored and unmotivated.


Welcome to the world of pole fitness. Pole fitness has got to be one of the most fun ways to exercise, lose weight, tone up and even increase confidence. A pole fitness session uses almost every part of the body, strengthening muscles with arm- or leg-only holds and providing a cardio workout with heart-rate boosting spins, twirls and inversions.



Pole dancing is incredibly rewarding: as you improve you'll find that you're able to do more and more fun things on the pole, all the time increasing your strength, fitness and coordination.


It is also a common misconception that you need to be of a certain fitness level to participate – this is not the case. How quickly you are able to progress from beginner moves to an intermediate level will depend on how often you pole – whether this is in the comfort of your own home or at a studio.


As awareness of pole fitness is increasing, there are more and more classes popping up throughout the world, offering tuition for all levels of ability. Whilst it can be daunting to try a new sport, or turn up to a class where you don’t know anybody, pole fitness is centered on group support and, most importantly, having fun.


Sarah Scott is an international pole dancing performer and master pole and aerial fitness trainer XPERT ( She said: "Pole dancing is nothing new, but recently it’s become a lot more mainstream as the fitness world is realizing it’s a brilliant way of getting people involved who would otherwise be fearful of the gym environment. It helps women get another view of their bodies. It’s not just about losing weight, but about being part of a group and having fun. Most importantly of all, it takes the emphasis off the exercise itself and places it onto the mastering of a technique, which is where the enjoyment and commitment come into play.


"The other big advantage pole dancing offers is the sense of support... Normally the same people are going to pole classes every week and if someone gets a move they’ve been struggling with then there’s a big round of applause. That sense of group support is hugely motivating and reassuring."


The other benefit of pole is that you can practice in your own home. X-POLE manufactures a range of pole and aerial fitness products that are easy to assemble while their website hosts a range of online videos to help you master new moves and progress quicker through the pole ‘ranks’.


You can even train to become an XPERT instructor. Whether you are still mastering the basics or have been practicing pole for a while, XPERT is one of the most comprehensive courses of its kind, being accredited by the top fitness certifying organizations across the globe, and the only recognized Pole Fitness qualification certified by Active IQ in the UK. The course covers everything from basic concepts, like proper studio and pole set-up, music selection, and lighting choices, to how to construct a complete pole fitness class design from warm up to cool down. They also teach more advanced concepts like the exercise science behind each pole technique including standing strength-based exercises, climbing and inversion manoeuvres, dance choreography and core training.