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‘Pole Life Lessons’, a series of blog posts exploring the ways that pole dancing has enriched our lives, in the pole studio and beyond! I hope that these anecdotes and stories remind you of your journey, and I hope that you share your own experiences with me, making sure you tag us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, using #xpolelifelessons to be in with the chance to be featured in a future blog post.

Pole Life Lesson #2: You’re On Your Own Journey

When I first started pole dancing I progressed at pretty much the same rate as everyone else, lots of moves I picked up quickly, and other moves took me a little longer, nothing unusual there. Once I proceeded onto intermediate and advanced tricks I started to make exciting progress, and with good strength gains I learned how to handspring, superman, shoulder mount and so on within my first year. However, I then decided to focus on my dancing, choreography and pole flow. For 2017 my tricks have pretty much taken a back seat. Those same class mates who were level with me a year ago are now banging out an Iron-X and polishing pole combos that I am only just starting to learn. Am I jealous? Am I worried? No, not really. I may not have that crazy combo or those strength moves, but I won Dance Filthy Amateur and I’ve got kick ass floor work skills!